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But does the laundry room have to be dark and dirty too?

Most of us spend a lot of time in our laundry room.

Often it is a place where we toss a washer and (usually) a dryer without much thought beyond the fact that it has the appropriate power and plumbing hookups. Maybe it is in a basement with poor lighting and limited storage space. Maybe it is in a spare pantry that has not been updated since 1975.

Instead of treating your laundry room as an eye-sore reserved for chores, update it so it is both functional and beautiful.

Here are a few ideas:

Improve the functionality.

If you have the space, side by side front loading washers and dryers will allow you to place a folding station on top of the units. If not, try some stackables and a drop down folding station. Flank them with attractive storage cabinets to store all of your laundry supplies close at hand. Add a nice pull-out drying rack for delicates, and some high quality lighting so you can see well in the room. If you have the space an attractive utility sink is a great addition.

Get creative in small spaces & don't forget to decorate!

Small laundry area? Have fun! Make it a feature and play with the design.

Small, enclosed spaces offer more creative license. Consider bold floor or wall tiles, brighter paint colors, and artistic faucets and fixtures. Or pick an all-white theme, a nautical look, some French country flair, or whatever floats your boat.

You probably spend more time than you think in your laundry so add some artwork, mirrors, and other décor items to bring some harmony to the hard-working space.

Jeeves provides design assistance, reach out to us any time for ideas and a free consultation!

If the location is awful, move it.

Is your current laundry just too terrible to fix? Way down in the basement and hard to reach?

Consider moving it!

You do not need to keep your washer and dryer where they are just because that is where they have always been. Consider creating a flex space that operates as both a laundry zone and home office or convert some excess space in a master or hall closet into a mini laundry area.

Move the washer and dryer upstairs so you do not have to carry laundry down multiple stairs - improving safety and making the job more pleasant as well.

Since 1997 Jeeves has helped thousands of clients create safer, cleaner and more functional laundry rooms. Call us at 301-528-5664 any time for ideas, advice and a no cost, no obligation estimate.

Jeeves designs and renovates laundry rooms! We would love to help you make yours more of a pleasure and less of a chore in 2023.

Call us at 301-528-5664 for a free no cost, no obligation consultation.


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